Repacked Wax Just the 70s Coming November 2022

Repacked Wax Just the 70s Baseball 3rd Edition is coming in November 2022! We’ve got a little video for you previewing a couple of the many, many sets we’ve purchased to put together this very popular limited edition vintage baseball card issue.

In this video, we take a closer look at some of the cards from a really sharp 1974 Topps baseball set and a stunningly beautiful 1972 set. Pay close attention to the 72 Nolan Ryan, Pete Rose and Carlton Fisk – they’re stunning. The 74 Mike Schmidt, Dave Winfield RC and Dave Parker RC cards are equally impressive.

Like always, Just the 70s includes ONLY cards from the 1970s and includes at least one complete regular issue set from every year from 1970 to 1979. Watch now.

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In 2020, Repacked Wax pioneered the concept of vintage cards repacked in old-school wax wrappers, just like you remember. Our packs let you rip vintage stars, commons, inserts, autographs and more from the 1950s to today at a more affordable price than most classic wax packs.