Frequently Asked Questions

What is Repacked Wax?

Repacked Wax™ is authentic, vintage trading cards in classic wax paper wrappers, just like cards were packed in the 1950s through the early 1990s. The cards are old, the wrappers are new! We purchase large vintage collections and complete sets, as well as select singles, and repack them for you to re-experience the thrill of opening without the high prices of breaking vintage wax packs and boxes.

What kinds of cards are in Repacked Wax packs?

The cards we package and sell are original issue, vintage cards and may include issues from Topps, Donruss, Fleer, Upper Deck, Score, Bowman, Leaf, Pinnacle, various specialty brands, promotionals and pretty much any card that was issued from the 1950s to the present day, with a heavy focus on cards from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. Packs may include major and minor stars, rookies, commons, inserts and more. Condition and selection of cards will vary.

What is the card selection like? Do you really include the major stars in your packs?

We attempt to ensure the distribution of cards – the percentage of stars to commons – is comparable to or better than original issue packs. We buy and break a lot of complete sets, as well as collections and singles, and fill our wax packs with these cards. We don’t cherry pick or remove the big star cards from the mix. When we break a set, EVERY card in that set goes into our wax packs. We don’t guarantee what cards will be found in your packs. However, it’s extremely important to us to provide an exciting and rewarding collecting experience for our customers. These are not bargain bin blowout card lots like you may find elsewhere online or at some big box retailers. Repacked Wax provides an experience that we strive to make memorable and rewarding for you, our fellow collectors.
What is the condition of the cards in the packs?
As you know, condition means a lot to collectors, especially for star cards. The condition of our cards will vary. Some cards from freshly broken factory sets will be in Mint/NM condition. Other cards will show signs of wear. Generally speaking, we try to remove cards that would grade as “poor.” But especially with older cards, even well-handled ones can still be highly desireable to collectors.
Wax packs? Really??
Yes. You can keep your foil and crimped packs. We love the smell and feel of wax. You can’t beat the nostalgia factor. That’s what Repacked Wax is all about – re-experiencing trading cards and collecting as it was originally intended, at a price that knocks the socks off the cost of breaking most vintage wax.
How do you protect the cards from wax stains?
Kids today have no idea the heartbreak of pulling their favorite card fresh from the pack, only to discover an ugly, permanent smear on the back. We take care to protect the cards we sell. Each pack includes a collectible sticker that doubles as a liner and protects against hot wax stains. That bottom card in the pack, whether it’s a common or a superstar, is well-protected.
Do your packs include autographs, relics, jersey or other chase cards?
Repacked Wax is about recapturing a moment in time when the hobby was different than today. It was a simpler time, and inserts, autographs and relic cards were few and far between until the late 1990s. While our focus is on vintage cards, we don’t specifically exclude autographs, relics or inserts. However, we will only include authentic autograph and relic cards from verifiable manufacturers. We do purchase some cards from the 2000s, and if authentic relics and autographs are included, then they go into our packs, too.
What are the oldest cards you include in your packs?
Our focus is on vintage cards from the 1950s today, with some limitations. If cards are oversized compared to a standard 2.5″ x 3.5″ card, they won’t fit our packs. That means for our baseball series packs, we include Bowman and Topps from 1950-51, but can’t fit Topps cards from 1952-1956, as well as some Bowman from this era, in our packs. They’re just too big. For the same reason, we don’t include some of the oddball sizes from the late 1980s or early 1990s, either. We’re working on it though and hope to announce a special issue of Repacked Wax that will accommodate the larger size cards from the early 1950s. Also, although we are focused on cards from the 1950s to today, a *handful* of pre-1950s cards may have sneaked their way into our inaugural edition! You’ll have to let us know if you find any of those.
Do you offer cards other than baseball?
Our inaugural edition packs are exclusively baseball. However, we are actively working to plan future issues that will include some of your other favorite sport and non-sport trading cards.
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