Just the 70s – Repacked Wax (Baseball, 1970s only, Fourth Edition)


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Limited Fourth Edition of Repacked Wax Just the 70s baseball cards on sale now! Bell-bottoms, Roller Disco nights, 8-tracks and Mood Rings. The perfect word to describe the 70s is “marvelous!”

Baseball was also truly marvelous in the 1970s, with stars unlike any other era. To celebrate this historic era in collecting, Repacked Wax presents “Just the 70s,” breaking every major-issue set from the decade and placing them in this limited edition wax pack issue.

We’ve broken these sets (at least one set from every year, plus several additional sets and some bonus stars thrown in) to create these limited edition wax boxes (12 packs per box, 10 cards per pack). Every regular base issue card is included.

Condition will vary, but we’ve devoted a lot of time and effort to getting some extremely nice cards, especially from the early 70s. We cannot guarantee specific cards in any specific order. Every set will be broken and randomly spread across packs.

Breakdown of Fourth Edition of Just the 70s: Complete sets: 1970T, 1971T, 1972T, 1973Tx2, 1974Tx2, 1975Tx2, 1976Tx2, 1977Tx3, 1978Tx3, 1979Tx3, 1979 Kellogg’sx2, 1977 Topps cloth stickers set x1. Plus some traded and misc./partial sets and singles, and various extra stars. We hope you enjoy!