3-Month Gift Subscription – 7 Boxes, 3 Sports!


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It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Send your friends and loved ones the gift of Repacked Wax. Our 3-month gift subscription includes every one of our signature products plus a box of your choice:

Month 1

1 36-Count Repacked Wax Football Box

1 36-Count Repacked Wax Baseball Box

Month 2

1 36-Count Repacked Wax Basketball Box

1 36-Count Classic Wax Vintage Baseball Pack Assortment

Month 3

1 18-Count Repacked Wax Baseball Box

1 18-Count Repacked Wax Football Box

1 36-Count Repacked Box of Your Choice

Your gift recipient will also receive a personalized welcome letter, and you and your recipient will both receive a special Repacked Wax Members Only discount code for a future purchase, and a subscription to our customer email newsletter.

Your recipient’s boxes will ship on or about the first eligible shipping day each month for three months and we will send you and/or your recipient an email confirmation and tracking number for each shipment.

At $498.99, this is a $40 discount off our regular prices! Please note, gift subscription is available for U.S. customers only at this time.